Your Fashion Face Mask Style Guide

fashion face mask

Before COVID-19 was as global and widespread, face masks only made the rounds in slightly more avant-garde, high-fashion circles — donned mainly by superstars and celebs. (Heck, Billie Eilish even rocked a Gucci fashion face mask at the Grammys!)

Now, fast forward ten months later, and face masks as fashion have become a part of absolutely everyone's daily carry. They're a crucial piece of the pandemic wardrobe zeitgeist — and a necessary way to keep your community safe.

But staying protected and serving others doesn't mean you have to renounce your style. Wearing a face mask doesn't need to be boring. Just ask the experts at GQ — where we're listed as one of the top most "stylish and protective face masks you can buy online."

Take a look below, check out the details, and explore how we're blending form and function to take the streets by storm and style. Because with a Supalabs face mask — you actually can have it both ways.

Looks Good

No matter your style, from athleisure to street and beyond, the Supalabs Hero Reusable Face Mask is guaranteed to complement your unique head-to-toe aesthetic. 

Are you a bonified sneakerhead? Try our classic. Looking for a bit more pattern or texture? We got you covered. With twenty-three different prints + colourways, we have plenty of diverse and varied options.

And, don't worry, even for kids, we have just the piece. The Supalabs Hero Kids Face Mask ensures even the tiniest in your crew has the perfect fashion mask for their day at school, on the playground, or wherever adventure takes them. Currently available in five prints + colourways.

Good for You

A lot of masks claim to protect you. However, most lack any scientific testing or proof. Supalabs hero face masks has been lab-tested, developed and are equipped with antimicrobial technology for full protection. It's met the strictest standards and is even designed with a built-in valve for easy inhale and exhale — without compromising on safety.

And with our comprehensive five-layered filtering system, you can breathe easy knowing your premium Supalabs face mask filters 98% of bacteria and germs when worn correctly (e.g. over your nose and mouth, snug on your cheeks, and under your chin).

Part of a Bigger Story

With every purchase of a Supalabs face mask, you can know you're actively supporting local communities and the causes you care about. Plus, because our fashionable face masks are reusable and washable, that means they're eco-friendly too. Which also means — from the city to the planet — your fashion sense is making an impact for a better, greener tomorrow.

Choose the Fashion Face Mask that's Right for You

From our adult and kids masks to sanitisers, Supalabs is proud to serve looks and keep you and your community safe and protected!

To start your collection of fashion face masks, simply explore our lookbook and be sure to purchase the design (or three!) that takes your style vibe to the next level. 


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