Everything You Need to Know About Wearing Face Masks While Traveling

Supalabs Reusable Face Mask

As of early November 2020, it is mandatory to wear face coverings when travelling on public transport, shopping, or not seated to eat or drink in hospitality venues in the UK.

If you're travelling anytime soon, you might be wondering: should I wear a mask on the plane? The answer is yes, as the British Government considers aeroplanes public transport.

In that case, are you looking for a fantastic travel face mask? Then read on. Here, we'll show you what to look for, why it should be Supalabs masks, and how to prep for safe travel.

What to Look for in a Travel Face Mask

Here are the important criteria to look for when purchasing a travel face mask:

  • Snug fit to prevent spread of respiratory droplets and aerosols
  • Good/tightly woven material for better protection
  • Multiple layers for even more protection
  • Breathable material for easier respiration
  • Straps that make it easily removable without touching your face or the mask

It might be a good idea to purchase reusable masks over disposable ones, as they're more environmentally-friendly.

Why the Supalabs Mask?

The Supalabs mask is the best face mask for plane travel. Why?

For one, our mask is made specifically for long periods of wear! There's a valve fitted on the mask, which allows you to remove stale air. This 2-way valve traps particle distribution, meaning it's not a direct valve where particles can exit and enter.

Also, we've lab-developed our mask and it's actually scientifically proven to filter out 98% of germs, bacteria, and pollutants. The majority of other masks on the market claim to protect you, but actually lack scientific proof and/or lab testing. Not our mask!

The Supalabs mask has 5 specialist protective layers. In fact, the outer layer is both antibacterial and antimicrobial, giving you full protection.

Plus, it's reusable and washable. This makes it a much more eco-friendly choice than other masks, so you can use it guilt-free.

Last, but not least, our masks have adjustable ear and nose straps so you get a comfortable and snug fit. They're available in a range of colourways, made from premium and breathable fabric!

How to Prep for Travel

A comfortable travel face mask isn't the only thing you need for travel. Chances are, you'll be touching quite a few surfaces as you get around. And you won't always have access to running water and soap.

In that case, make sure to pack plenty of hand sanitiser in addition to the best travel face mask. The one we've developed can kill 99.9% of bacteria!

Plus, it's safe to use on not just your hands, but also your mask, clothes, and your mobile. Trust in Supalabs to help keep you safe during your travels.

Stay Safe While Travelling

After reading this article, you now know what to look for in a travel face mask and how to prep for a safe journey. Make sure you keep you and your loved ones safe by picking up Supalabs masks for the entire family. Wear a face mask and save lives!

Are you travelling with children? Then make sure you purchase some comfortable and cute Supalabs masks for them today. We give a percentage of our profits back to social causes and the environment!

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