What Makes The Supa Mask Different?

Supa Face Mask


Did you know most masks on the market don’t actually protect you? Many claim to, but lack the proof of lab testing.

The genderless Supa mask is scientifically proven to filter 98% of germs, bacteria and pollutants, with an advanced, 5 specialist-layered filtration system. 

Crafted from premium materials, it's also features adjustable ear straps and nose bridge for a contoured fit.


  • 5 specialist protective layers including an antimicrobial outer layer
  • 2-way valve for easy breathing while still trapping particle distribution. This is NOT a direct valve like others, which allows particles to exit and enter.
  • Adjustable ear and nose straps for a comfortable, snug fit.
  • Breathable fabric while still protecting
  • Multiple premium + bold designs supa face mask

The SUPA mask is crafted from premium materials and has advanced, antimicrobial technology for full protection. It's also reusable and washable, making it a much more eco-friendly choice vs disposable masks. 



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