replacement filters for face masks
replacement filters for face masks

Replacement Filters For Face Masks - One Size

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The Supalabs+ PM2.5 replaceable filters provide scientifically proven protection against harmful airborne irritants, viruses and pollutants that can lead to serious health issues. Use with your Supalabs+ Face Mask and replace regularly. 

  • High Quality Material - Composed of non-woven fabric, activated carbon and advanced filter cotton
  • Maximum Filtration: Five-layer protection to isolate from dust, odour, gas, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen and other particles with good ventilation.
  • High Efficiency Filtration: includes an activated carbon layer and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth, the five-layered technology effectively keeps you protected from a range of airborne contaminants


  • 1st layer of spunbond cloth filters micron-level dust
  • 2nd layer filters industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, passive smoking, and pollen allergens.
  • 3rd layer of active carbon cloth filters micron-level dust
  • 4th layer offers filter density for smaller particles
  • 5th layer of spunbond cloth filters out all kinds of harmful substances.

How often you change the filter depends on your situation (i.e.: levels of pollution or contamination evident) and hours of wear. Replace regularly to ensure protection.

Do not wash or reuse the old filter.  Discard after use.


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